Curious Caterer: Foiled Plans


Timeless Pictures | Basset Hound Distribution
Hallmark Channel


Starring Nikki DeLoach, Andrew Walker
Director Paul Ziller
Writer Julie Kim and Karine Marwood
Production Location Vancouver Island B.C Canada


For Colorado caterer Goldy Berry, accepting a catering job at Hyde Castle is a dream come true. It’s not every day that she gets to cook authentic Elizabethan fare in a real castle. The royal icing on the plum cake is that it’s a masquerade ball fundraiser hosted by the Elk Park Fencing Club, which happens to be her daughter, Olive’s latest obsession. While Marla assembles nosegays of fennel, heather and sweet myrtle, Goldy perfects the Medieval pies. The town favorites gather, including Lucas, Detectives Tom Shultz, Mason Kildea and Dave Trach in their cloak and trousers, only to have their Elizabethan collars ruffled when another murder takes place just as the Medieval feast is served! When the blade of a fencing sword skewers not the succulent roast but a Prominent Citizen, the portcullis is slammed shut, sealing more than the exits of the castle. For it’s the Curious Caterer who must once again trade in her kitchen smock for her sleuthing spyglass. Teaming up with her trusted Tom, more ghosts appear from the past, including Tom’s estranged father who has just escaped from prison. Together, Goldy and Tom must suss out the truth before another Elk Park victim meets an ill-fated demise.


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