Curious Caterer: Drumstick Drama


Timeless Pictures | Basset Hound Distribution
Hallmark Channel


Starring Nikki DeLoach, Andrew Walker
Director TBD
Writer Julie Kim and Karine Marwood
Production Location Vancouver B.C Canada


Goldy Berry caterer extraordinaire has a dilemma to solve. A scheduling app mixup has caused her to double book herself catering a VIP rock concert while also booked on a first date (finally!) with none other than detective Tom Schultz at the same concert. When the pushy concert manager won’t take no for an answer “as her client special requested Goldy” and not having the heart to say no to Tom after all this time, Goldy finds herself secretly playing double duty. Things get even more complicated when right as Goldy finally gets a moment to enjoy her time with Tom, a part of the stage lighting collapses on the lead singer mid act. Suddenly, Goldy’s date has turned into a crime scene. With the main act dead and suspecting foul play, Tom takes charge for once wanting Goldy there to help him solve the crime. As the night progresses, Goldy finds it harder and harder to keep business and personal life separate; especially when it looks like anyone and everyone wants this singer gone… even maybe someone in their own band.

Upcoming 2024

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