Curious Caterer: Tough Cookie


Timeless Pictures | Basset Hound Distribution
Hallmark Channel


Starring Nikki DeLoach, Andrew Walker
Director TBD
Writer TBD
Production Location Vancouver B.C Canada


When caterer Goldy Berry is offered a temporary stint hosting a cooking show, she jumps at the chance. After all, she could use the money—not to mention the great exposure. A little cooking, a little chit chat. What could go wrong? The answer: everything! The broadcast is riddled with culinary catastrophes— But the deadliest dish of all comes after the cameras go off— and a baffling accident claims a life. Digging deeper, Goldy along with detective Tom, start looking for connections and step into a minefield of unsolved murders, find a multitude of suspicious characters, and even a letter loaded with poison. As usual, Goldy must whip up her crime solving instincts, skewer a few local snobs in passing, and finish filming a cooking show!

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