Christmas With The Singh’s


Timeless Pictures | Basset Hound Distribution
Hallmark Channel


Starring TBD
Director TBD
Writer Patricia Isaac, Emily Ting
Production Location Vancouver B.C, Canada


The most important time of the year for Asha Singh is Christmas time, so when she’s stuck working during the holidays one year, Asha is wishing for some Christmas magic to get her through her shift at the hospital. Her wish is granted in the form of reconnecting with a boy from her high school, Jake. Jake is a Christmas wish come true for Asha, especially when he proposes a year later. Their engagement brings their first Christmas visit to their hometown, which knocks off the rose-coloured glasses from their picture perfect relationship – their families could not be more different! Juggling Asha’s big Christmas loving family who only want the best for her and Jake’s parents, who could not care less about Christmas is proving to be a challenge as Asha and Jake have to learn if they can overcome their differences and survive a Christmas with the Singhs.

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